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Williams Farms


0000 Hahn Road Arbuckle, California
Colusa County

Land Size: 945 Acres
Investment Opportunity

A holding like no other is being placed on the market for the first time since the family was handed the homesteading paper signed by Abraham Lincoln. Now encompassing 945 acres covered in young almond trees. Farming is a skill that comes from experience. You can read books, or take a class, but to really understand the land, the dirt and crop, you have to be “hands on” The Williams family has all that and more, with 170 years farming the same land, they have it down to an art. You won’t find a cleaner and well-laid out farm as you will see here. Pride of ownership is at its highest standard, and it shows in every aspect over the property. A focal point for the ranch is an 8,775sf redwood and cedar barn. This ranch is all about trees, covering 899 acres, irrigated by drip from 6 wells tied together with an underground mainline. Plus, additional water from Colusa County Water District. The ranch is in two sections, with the North block consisting of 718.5 acres. The second block has 227 acres, located ½ mile south on a paved county road. There are 6 varieties of almonds planted from 2017 to 2023. It will take a few million to buy this gem, as this is a one-in-a-million ranch.

Property Highlights

  • Direct access off Hahn Rd. The Ranch is located ½ mile east of Interstate 5 on the right.
  • The main entry is just a few hundred yards further down Hahn Rd. The lane is graced with old growth black oaks.
  • The barn is at the end of the lane, with a large open space between for equipment, loading and farming operations.
  • The barn 8,775sf and was constructed over 80 years ago, beautiful old growth redwood timbers and cedar siding with wood mangers on both sides.
  • It now has a concrete floor and power, used for equipment storage.
  • All interior main roads are gravel, well-maintained roads.
  • Several seasonal creeks run through ranch.
  • Planted on 24 x 15 spacing and irrigated with a dual manifold double line buried drip system installed at an 8” depth.
  • Root stock planted 2017-2018 trees Krymsk 86
  • Root stock planted 2023 trees SG1
  • Variety: Nonpareil, 449.4 Acres, 50% Acres
  • Variety: Monterey, 57.3 Acres, 6% Acres
  • Variety: Winters, 180.8 Acres, 20% Acres
  • Variety: Carmel OS, 129 Acres, 14% Acres
  • Variety: Kester, 44 Acres, 5% Acres
  • Variety: Independence, 38.4 Acres, 4% Acres
  • Chemical and fertilization tanks are located at every well site.
  • All wells have meters, but reporting is not required at this time.
  • Well #1   Diesel Powered Turbine Ag Pump producing +/-2500 gpm
  • Well #2   Diesel Powered Turbine Ag Pump producing +/-2500 gpm
  • Well #3   Diesel Powered Turbine Ag Pump producing +/-2500 gpm
  • Well #4   Diesel Powered Turbine Ag Pump producing +/-2500 gpm
  • Well #5   200 HP Electric powered Turbine producing +/- 2500 gpm
  • Well #6   200 HP Electric powered Turbine producing +/- 2500 gpm
  • Wells #1-5 are located on this section. Water conveyed through 10” and 12” underground mainline.
  • Water is distributed by 10” underground mainline.
  • Colusa County Water District Secondary Water Right.  A 100% allocation is 1.6 AC FT/Acre. Allocations vary by water year.
  • Arbuckle Public Utility District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (located within the parcel) will be undergoing a major upgrade to a Tertiary System and will provide a third source of water when complete.
  • American Tower has 2 cell tower easements.  They do not generate income, in the event the tower is no longer in service, the easement requires the tower owner to return the land to its natural state.
  • Salt Creek and Sand Creek are two seasonal creeks that run through the property. As a landowner, you can remove 1,000 yards of gravel yearly without permits for your own use, this is ideal for maintaining roads.

Listing Courtesy of: Donna Utterback
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